Surveying – site inspection

Working together as a team is essential for the success of any project. We offer engineer site visits so the engineer can meet directly with the architect, client, and contractor to discuss solutions and alterations for issues as they arise. On each site visit, our engineer will do a thorough check of the following:

Alignment of floor joists: We’ll analyse which wall carries the weight of the floor and the most effective orientation of joists.

Roof design: Whether it’s a traditional cut timber roof using purlins and hips or a modern system of trusses, we’ll make sure it works efficiently with the rest of the design.

Quality of masonry: Various materials have different load-carrying capacities, so regular quality checks are important to prevent cracking and to guarantee the building’s stability.

Location: Soil type, land gradient, proximity to trees and rivers, and the local environment all have a big effect on construction.

We use modern tools to lower the physical impact on the building, such as laser measures and spirit levels, endoscopes, and detectors for different materials. This way we are able to provide accurate analysis without stripping plaster and ceiling.