Clear Engineering Solutions Ltd is a rapidly developing company working predominantly in Yorkshire. The company was founded with the idea to revolutionise the industry ethics of structural engineering and to use the best tools and programmes available on the market to give our client the most cutting-edge service. We refuse to compromise quality for short-term rewards and are continually evaluating our current knowledge and adapting to the newest technologies in construction as well as business procedures. We are dedicated to efficiency, but safety comes before everything else.

CES uses the most recent techniques in structural engineering. While on site doing inspections, we use laser measures, professional endoscopes, and wall scanners to detect material types and other sophisticated tools to ensure accuracy and reduce the impact on the property. We then employ digital modelling of loads and forces from dead weight above as well as dynamic forces such as wind modelling. We also have an extensive understanding of soil types, local climate, and typical materials used for construction in Leeds, York, Harrogate, and Bradford.

All data collected is processed to increase the clarity of the technical drawings for the contractor. Once the project is submitted, we will be there with you until completion of the construction. And as part of our mission to create environmentally friendly designs, we make continuous efforts to reflect environmental initiatives by cutting down on CO² emissions and supporting local traders using UK timber rather than globally sourced materials.

All our designs comply with British Standards and Eurocode.




Underpinning: A solid, well-designed foundation is crucial to your project’s success.

Technical drawings

Get accurate, detailed modern schematics you can rely on

Stress analysis

Make sure your building is ready to stand the test of time

House Extension

Need more space but not ready to move? Update your home while increasing its value